About Me

Hello Blogoshepere!! My name is  Scarlett Marmolejo.

I was Born in beautiful Colombia and raised in New York. I want to bring you inside my world. The acting, modeling, dancing, behind the scenes, hobbies, family, life, creativity, the adventures, the fun and spontaneity that forms me. Please feel free to follow me on my journey.

With hard work i have graced the pages of magazines such XXL, KING Magazine, Urban Latina, Urban Connection and RIX Magazine. I have  also displayed my dancing capabilities in music videos from Drag-On “Put your drinks down” to Juelz Santana “Make it work for you”. 

I always had a love for arts. In high school and college i participated in various plays allowing me to grow more in my craft. However due to life circumstances i was faced with a change of direction. The entertainment world was on hiatus for me. It became overwhelming and not so fun anymore. I felt i was going all wrong about it and i needed to find the Real ME. 

I went to school and in 2008 i graduated as a NYS licensed Veterinary Technician which i still practice on and off right now.

Still, i longed for the arts. How i felt being part of many different stories, walking in so many different shoes and even though i do love my animals was strong my passion for arts won this battle lol! I made a comeback and im very grateful for all the support from my husband ,family, and friends. 

I also started my blog in 2011with absolutely no idea what it was going to be about. I think im still figuring that out lol! But can you blame me i have so much i want to tell that i cant get all my thoughts in one category. So i write them all for you, after all this is my blogosphere jejeje....

I do know that i wish to share my positive outlook on life and help others like me who  struggle with many internal affairs to see light at the end of that dark tunnel through God's amazing ways. 

Thank you for being my new friend and i hope you enjoy the ride!!!

LOVE, Scarlett.....

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