Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Power Of Words

Your words create a positive or negative reality. They are powerful tools and only you have the key to unlock your reality. 

So, whats it going to be?

Words open a window with options on the other side. If you say: “Im a happy person then on the other side you’ll find
happiness,peace,tranquility, etc. The perception we have of ourselves is greater than the perception the world may have of us. We can speak liberating words and expand our reality or we can speak limited words and have a limited life. 

When you speak negative your mind, spirit and body are connected and they are responding to your messages. Its like vibrations out into space. It creates a frequency and you cant expect 
to get good things when you send out messages into the world like:

Im depressed!
I feel like crap!
Nothing i do works out!
I cant!
Im a failure!
I wish i would just die!

These phrases are used very commonly even by myself many times in the past. They try to creep up from time to time. However, we must break this habit, there is no way you can expect great feedback or even happiness when you speak this way. 

I wrote this entry because i am one to battle daily with words. I can easily get discouraged when things dont look so bright. Just a few days ago i felt confused, discouraged and like i just wanted to give it all up. Its not happening i said!, This acting thing isnt happening, ive done some things but im not getting ahead as much! Maybe im not talented enough, or maybe its not for me, maybe my time has past, ah!!! maybe i should just stick with being a veterinary technician and get paid and just forget 
everything else. 

Do you see how in a matter of seconds i just toatlly created a dark hole sucking every inch of joy, and hope out of me. Its a trap many fall into easily and im no exception. The key is what are you going to do about it!! I took control. I got up and shook myself and said WAIT A MINUTE! nothing comes easy. There are millions of proverbs out there like:

Practice makes perfect!
Better late than never!
Every cloud has a silver lining!

I can goon and on but my point is that these proverbs exist because someone at one point felt this way as well and through words found comfort and strength to keep going. I was so busy looking at all the bad and everything i didnt have that i neglected what i did. I had freedom, flexible schedules to do with my time as i please. How many wish they could just get up an do nothing and enjoy life and still have food and clothes and lavish things. I do! thanks to my supportive husband but he is a blessing and i have that. I may not be at the confidence level as an artist that i want but crying about it, getting down on and feeling helpless isnt going to make it better on the contrary it will push me deeper into that black hole. I look at what ive done. I have auditioned and i have gotten roles and i have like 3 projects im working on. I could have easily quit my job like i did and have done zip! I must acknowledge what i have accomplished and now i must work harder. I must speak and create my reality. In his word God says that with our tongue we create life or death! well i dont want death thats for sure. So i get myself together and start rehearsing what ive learned in seminars to be more efficient and prepared and looking at acting schools so that i can finetune my skills to the level i want. To every problem there is a solution but the answer isnt going to come knocking at your door. 

Im not perfect but i want to motivate others and be a leader, a world changer and to do this, i must work everyday by leading by example. We can all have a bad day but not a bad life. If you do its merely by choice.

How to change this habit?
Its simple. First, you have to be concious and focus on the good things that can happen for you and others and use appropiate words. Keyword: appropiate words!!! And with this i mean don't 
lie. Dont say im wonderful when your really feeling crappy. Thats a lie, instead use bridge words. These are words that serve as a pathway to where you want to get. Such as:

Im working on feeling better!!!
Things are on their way to getting brighter!
Im working hard on seeing the light in all this darkness!

Your not lying but your not being negative either. Instead your really working on the things your saying because you want them to be true!!
Also be tolerant of negative people, think about it. It may be annoying to have a negative person around but poor of them because they deal with themselves all day. 

Im not saying marry them and make it your mission to change their mind frame. One can only provide guidance but ultimately happiness its an individual choice. Stick with positive people who make life more enjoyable with their charisma and positive outlook but also dont talk about negative people and crticize. Things like:

Oh god that person is a pain in my neck!
Oh god that person stresses me out!
That person is going to drive me crazy and be the death of me!!


Mind your words carefully. They are powerful and whatever your entire enegy goes into is what youll create for yourself.

People that whine and criticize others are usually proyecting whats in their heart pray for them and share some light on their dark world!!!
If you change how you speak youll change who you are !!  

Use positive affirmations everyday. It may seem awkward at first but they are the building blocks to changing the frequency.

Say :

Im beautiful
Im well able 
Im equipped to deliver whatever is needed of me
Im blessed
I enjoy life
I appreciate what i have 

If you dont agree with the idea that words have power then i challenge you to think for a moment about what happens to a lot of people when they are constantly bullied or put down by parents, friends, peers or partners in life. 

Dont they begin to believe what these people say of them? Dont they believe These lies? Arent many angry, insecure, afraid? Why is that? Its phrases like the following that kills them inside:

Your not lovable!! 
Your a disgrace 
Your a mistake
You cant do anything right whats wrong with you
Your not worth it
Your fat
Your ugly 
Your a joke

I can go on. These things become engraved in our soul and we believe them. WHY? because we feel that these people know us and well if they say so then its must be true, right? WRONG!!!! They dont make us who we are. Even if our parents contributed to our existence, it still doesn't give them or anyone else the right to toy with our integrity and self esteem. 

God equipped us all with the ability to reign over our emotions. This just goes to show you how powerful words are and how they can shape who we are and our own perception and value. In the same manner tell yourself how great you are.

-So you had a bad day ? It happens, not everyday theres sunshine but after the rain comes the rainbow 
-So you didnt do so well in your rehearsal as the others and you feel bad? We are not perfect, at least you did it you could have not even tried and let fear run your life
-So this person thinks your a waste? Its just someones opinion there are millions of others who disagree, he isn't GOD your creator you don't have to be a people pleaser only the
weak give away their individuality. Please yourself be happy and comfortable in your own skin

Build yourself up give yourself a break from time to time. I struggle with perfectionism and when things come out ok i used to beat myself to death over it. I have learned to not take things personal. Tomorrow is a new day!! I now forgive myself and try harder the next time. Afterall, if its meant to be then it will happen.

Its not an easy task, im not going to lie, but its also not impossible. It gets harder when sometimes life kicks you down but you have to get up and say with affirmation and total 
belief: "its possible, its possible!!! i can make this, its possible i can get through this, im not going to let life get the best of me"

Sometimes we are afraid of our own shine. Its the light we possess vs the darkness in which many live in, that scares us to death!!! We feel we must shrink ourselves to give way for other peoples insecurities and for them to feel good being around us, but theres nothing enlightning or powerful about that.  No one gets noticed by being small we must expand. We are all special and meant to shine. This is not some golden rule for some people, NOOOO!!! its a green light for every human being walking this earth. As we free ourselves from these chains that keeps us from reaching out to our highest potential and as we show and embrace our light we encourage others to do the same. 

We must take a step into breaking our bond with fear and stepping hand on hand with faith and courage!! Its your turn now to motivate. To be living proof of who you are and what your made of!! 


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