Friday, March 4, 2011

Seche Vite...Every girl should have it

 Its lovely getting a mani and pedi at a high end salon where they will pamper you from the moment you step in. You are queen for a day. Slippers for your feet, paraffin treatment seems to be the new thing. (From personal experience its amazing) If you haven't tried it you NEED TO, then an Asian woman or man i don't discriminate will clean, file and paint your nails with your favorite OPI shade of polish.

But lets face it. Time is of an essence and in NYC there are just not enough hours on that clock. I mean you get up and next thing you know its night and the day is over. Also the economy is not helping i mean if you can get a manicure and pedicure for 20 bucks not counting tip its a deal and usually is on days like Mon-Wed. So keeping this in mind i opted for buying a bunch of polishes and doing my own nails which I'm sure a lot of women do anyway just to save a few bucks, some because they are good at it and they like it. Now, i Loooove OPI that's my favorite brand of polishes. I recently purchased some of the glitter polishes from the burlesque collection and they are exquisite. However I noticed that even with  a good quality nail polish such as OPI, Sally Hansen or Revlon if your top coat is not strong all your work will go down the drain fast,  maybe even two- three days later. For me its more like same day or next day. Your occupation has a say also and your lifestyle. If your like me in the medical field where your hands are constantly saying hi to the water and chemicals then its tough to keep your nails looking proper. I have purchased sooo many different top coats no name brand , sally Hansen acrylic top coat and the anti chip one too and nothing works, my freaking nail polish still chips and its annoying.

Still, one random day at work i was complaining about how my nails were all crappy looking and one of my coworkers "M" told me if i heard of Seche Vite. My face first went to France "fast dry" hmmmm ok what else is new. From my experience all top coats promised to dry fast and none of them kept their promise. The assurance in my friends voice and her loyalty to this top coat "i swear by it " she said,  sparked curiosity in me. I mean what else did i have to lose right? the worst that could happen is that it becomes another item in my collection of top coats. So i went after work looking for it and i found it at a beauty supply store.  I was kind of hyped i must admit, i wanted to believe this would solve my problems. I got home around 6:30 that night, i ran into my room took out my blue nail polish by Revlon and started painting my nails with nice even strokes. OK done, i said to myself and now the moment of truth. Seche Vite was in my hands i opened the bottle and coated my nails, i noticed that it cleans up any minor mistakes, it evens out the color on your nail and it does dry fast ok so far so good.  lets put it to the test.

Now, its been 4 days and i have washed my hands about a million times, handled peroxide when cleaning up my patients after venipuncture. Worn powdered latex gloves a few times and my nail polish is intact, i can honestly say IM IN may sound silly but you don't understand how frustrating it was to sit there do my nails and then a few hours later a piece of my bare nail was showing while the rest maintained color ughhhh. So thx to "M" she introduced me to a life saver i'm forever grateful.