Friday, June 10, 2011

kicking fear out the door!!!

Last night i watched a movie called B-girl and its obviously about dancing hence the name. This movie reminded me of 4 years ago when i was dedicated to performing arts. If there was dancing, modeling, acting name it i was there.

My dad worried that if i didn't make it to Hollywood then my life had no purpose. i wasn't getting younger so i went to school. I don't regret having my associates in science and being a vet tech. I love my animals and its cool plus i have a steady income. Still, i miss the artistic side of me i may have not gotten to the level of stardom to be recognized everywhere i go but i met great people, worked with hot celebrities and gained a name for myself that people still know me if i show my face. Today i decided to go to Broadway dance center and take up some classes. Its been more than two years since I've gone enough to become a regular again. When i got off the elevator i felt almost like a newbie, like someone who was just lost in such a place. My stomach was in knots and i was afraid. I guess of looking out of shape and silly. There is a difference between dancing at the club for fun and dancing in a studio following choreography.

 I  had originally planned to attend the popping class but i got there late. Whats new? lol !! so i didn't want to waste the trip and my only option was felicianos hiphop class. Now he is great and energetic,  i like his class its just that i felt rusty and out of shape and he will make me know that so i wanted an easy start i guess.

 I remember when i used to live in that place i would take multiple classes daily but now i worried about surviving the warm up lol!!. So in the end i kicked fear in his a@#and went for it.  It wasn't too bad and i made it and even though i wasn't as smooth as i was once i didn't do too bad. Im planning on kicking butt this summer. I lost my faith in me i guess i felt that i stepped out too long and now i dont know how to come back in, Is it too late ?? or am i just stopping myself?? performing makes me happy so i need to get my game face on again. Once i get some hot stuff i will post it for you guys to see.

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Love scarlett