Friday, May 4, 2012

HealthCorps by Dr OZ.

Hello friends,

So i was cordially invited to participate in a great movement for our future generations. Dr Oz has  Co- founded a campaign along with a fantastic team of elite fitness trainers from Bodyaddicts to promote healthier eating habits and more active lifestyles for our children. Today we see many obese children that because of many video game consoles and internet and gadgets refuse to go out and be kids. What happened to when kids chased each other around and played manhunt, hide and seek, dodge ball, actual physically become engaged into something fun. Anyhow this event had a wonderful cause and purpose and i was more than lucky to be part of it.

Check it out!!!

                        From Lft to Rt (Zico Coconut Water Rep Danielle and Designer/Model Tiggy)

                                                               BodyAddicts Campaign

                              The Models representing our innovative products.

                             IMI Models and CEO Armando Quazi

                            Health Corps Cofounded by Dr Oz

                                Designer/Dancer/Singer SWAGSTAR NATION CLOTHING Don Jeezy and my good friend.